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      Lois Kellerman  

   Welcome To My Web Site!

As a veteran Ethical Culture Leader, for many years I have served a community engaged in a shared spiritual quest for the ethical life. Across the generations my community has passionately dedicated itself to the cultivation of compassion and truthfulness in everyday living and in the world.

Whether performing weddings, pastoral counseling, teaching, or writing about marriage, it is this commitment to make channels for the streams of love that unifies my life.

Browse through the page on wedding ceremonies and other life passage events I perform.

Enjoy the material in the writing section that features Marriage from the Heart. Co-authored with Nelly Bly, this book has just been published by Viking Penguin. It is full of stories, insights, useful affirmations, and practical approaches to married life.

I hope you come back often since I will be adding new readings and participatory activities to this website every month. -- Lois

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